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Kevlar Cloth / Tape. Aramid fibers (kevlar) are widely used for reinforcing composite materials, often in combination with carbon fiber and glass fiber.

Silicone rubber is not a common sculpture material. It is sticky, puts off ascetic acid fumes as it cures, and you can’t use your bare hands to work with

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For the best in fibreglass supplies look no further than MB Fibreglass. Here you’ll find all you need from silicone moulding rubber to liquid plastics at great prices

PRODUCT NAME CRL 33S Silicone One-Component Silicone Elastomeric Sealant. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION CRL 33S Silicone is a …

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The use of silicone caulk as a sealant can result in traces of the substance accidentally coming into contact.

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G96 Rapid-Fire Gun Grease is a revolutionary Military Grade formula designed to meet the most demanding needs for small and large caliber weapons.

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How to Caulk in Five Easy Steps: How to Caulk in 5 Easy Steps. Choose the Right Caulk Caulk that keeps air and water out over time is …

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Hi Sue, Thanks for your message. If you use a water based acrylic rather than silicone, it is easy to apply. More importantly, it is easy to clean up any excess with a damp cloth.